Georgia Documentary Film Festival Fall 2019

The Georgia Documentary Film Festival Fall 2019 Was Great!

The 3rd Georgia Documentary Film Festival Fall 2019  event will took place November 11, 2019 in Atlanta.  75+ Short  Documentary Films from 30+ US States and 20+ countries will screened on a full day at the Wild Heaven West End Brewery and Gardens. International and Georgia based filmmakers an opportunity to screen the newest Independent Short Films on the Film Festival Circuit for the Atlanta Audience. Most of these films, have never previously screened in the state of Georgia. Please join us for this Short Documentary Film experience. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and please use #GeorgiaDocumentaryFilmFestival in your social media posts related to this event.

Georgia Documentary Film Festival Fall 2019 Official Selections:

Session One: 11:00am

  • Clay County
  • D.O.G. Days of Summer
  • Forever a Champion
  • Badlaav Republic

Awards Presentation: 12:30 pm 

Session Two: 1:30pm

  • Kwizera
  • Making Cape Point
  • Smoke and Baloney

Session Three: 3:00pm

  • Waters of the U.S.
  • Work Sticks: Art, Impermanence, and Childhood in an East Tennessee Town
  • Into the Black
  • Nonna

Session Four: 4:30pm

  • Reap What You Sew
  • Show to Show
  • Something About Little River
  • Ready to Work

Session Five: 5:30pm

  • Remembering Cuba
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • A New Deal for Public Art in the Free State
  • How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps
  • Elsewhereness
  • Blind Adventure Camp
  • Censoring Nuremberg
  • DayJob: Andrea Jones-Rooy
  • Farm Truck 912
  • Forever Elvis
  • Global Food Crisis & Our Conviction
  • Hayat
  • Ilha da Rainha
  • Instead of Leaving
  • Kalangala Dreams
  • Let the Blonde Sing
  • Reap What You Sew
  • Shebbie's Live Life Series
  • Witch Hunt
  • Conviction
  • Wrong Path
  • Yonatan's Platoon
  • You Will Survive Doomsday
  • Catatumbo Stories
  • Elsewhereness
  • Boca Del Lobo
  • Natura Obscura
  • Post-Election Works
  • 6th and San Pedro
  • A Story About Lights
  • Heroes of the Wild Frontiers: The Battle of the Horn
  • Heroes of the Wild Frontiers: The Fragile Islands
  • Heroes of the Wild Frontiers: The Return of the Shān
  • RSVP
  • The Silver Boys
  • The Tides That Bind
  • We All Believe in You
  • Operation International
  • R1514, the waiting
  • The Creative Process
  • Thursday Fields
  • As Easy As
  • Bet on Yourself
  • Canvas
  • The Tree Farmer
  • Touch and Go Chess Party
  • Diversity in the Long Gray Line
  • Aaron Durogati - Playing With The Invisible
  • How We See Water
  • Kumudini: A Water Lily Chronicle
  • Maria Torres: Neighborhood Artist
  • Masters of Camouflage
  • Squeegee
  • The Cat Man
  • 5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech
  • Jimbo
  • Overseas
  • The Sisters
  • David's Ark


Award Nominations

1) Best Cinematography Award Nominations

  • Work Sticks: Art, Impermanence, and Childhood in an East Tennessee Town, Directed by Shara K. Lange (Tennessee)
  • Sink or Skim, Directed by Will Hewitt and Austen McCowan (Scotland)
  • Remembering Cuba, Directed by Sophia Costanzo (California/Indiana/Texas/Massachusetts/Arkansas/Florida)
  • Instead of Leaving, Directed by Facundo Castro (Colombia)
  • Kwizera, Directed by Alexis Lopez (Ohio/Rwanda)- AWARD WINNER!

2) Best Director Award Nominations

  • Ready to Work, Directed by Seth Farmer, Reagan Wells (Alabama)
  • Making Cape Point, Directed by (Maine)-AWARD WINNER!
  • Show to Show, Directed by Samuel Scott (Ohio)
  • The Tides That Bind, Directed by (Pennsylvania)
  • Badlaav Republic, Directed by Manahar Kumar (India)

3) Best Documentary Film Award (6-30 minutes) Nominations

  • RSVP, Directed by Samantha Mitchell (Maryland)
  • Badlaav Republic, Directed by Manahar Kumar (India)-AWARD WINNER!
  • Squeegee, Directed by Khalid Ali (Maryland)
  • The Butterfly Effect, Directed by Kate Boylan-Ascione (Florida)
  • A New Deal for Public Art in the Free State, Directed by Graham Carroll and Kara Heitz (Kansas)

4) Best Documentary Micro Short Film Award (1-6 minutes) Nominations

  • The Tree Farmer, Directed by Jeremy Roberts (Georgia)-AWARD WINNER!
  • Ilha da Rainha, Directed by Kayla Fragman (Canada)
  • Touch and Go Chess Party, Directed by Paul Restivo (Illinois)
  • The Creative Process, Directed by Spencer Fochtman (Oregon)
  • 6th and San Pedro, Directed by Scott Pommier (California)

5) Best Georgia Documentary Film Award Nominations

  • Boca Del Lobo, Directed by Jesse Moss (Georgia)
  • Clay County, Directed by Marcy McCall (Georgia)-AWARD WINNER!
  • D.O.G. Days of Summer, Directed by Dan Gamber (Georgia)
  • DAMITA., Directed by W. Feagins, Jr. (Georgia)
  • Farm Truck 912, Directed by Kylie Procita (Georgia)

6) Best International Director Award Nominations

  • How We See Water, Directed by Robin Starbuck (Mexico)
  • Masters of Camouflage, Directed by Betsy Beasley (Philippines/Indonesia/Bahamas)
  • R1514, the waiting, Directed by Salvador Alemany (Spain/Western Sahara)
  • Forever a Champion, Directed by Carmen Vincent (United Kingdom)-AWARD WINNER!
  • The Silver Boys, Directed by Jared Salazar (Guatemala)

7) Best International Documentary Film Award Nominations

  • Nonna, Directed by Sara Izzi (Italy)-AWARD WINNER!
  • Aaron Durogati - Playing With The Invisible, Directed by Matteo Vettorel and Damiano Levati (Italy)
  • Bet on Yourself, Directed by Harvey Eaton (England)
  • Overseas, Directed by Irene Felici (Bangladesh)
  • Kumudini: A Water Lily Chronicle, Directed by Jaya Jose Raj C L (India)

8) Best Nature and Outdoor Documentary Film Award Nominations

  • Heroes of the Wild Frontiers: The Fragile Islands, Directed by Krishnendu Bose (India)
  • Waters of the U.S., Directed by Remi Escudié (Alabama)
  • Something About Little River, Directed by Jeb Brackner (Alabama)- AWARD WINNER!
  • Natura Obscura, Directed by Kelsey Quakenbush (Colorado)
  • Into the Black, Directed by Kenzie Greer (Alabama)

9) Best Political Documentary Film Award Nominations

  • 5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech, Directed by Molly Dedham (New York)
  • Global Food Crisis & Our Conviction, Directed by Justin Chung and Ji Won Kim (New York/South Korea)
  • LATINO$ + FILM + USA, Directed by Mariana Gomez (Georgia)- AWARD WINNER!
  • Diversity in the Long Gray Line, Directed by Les Owen (Maryland)
  • Post-Election Works, Directed by (California)

10) Most Inspirational Film Award Nominations

  • A Change of Practice: Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved, Directed by Jennifer Berggren (Michigan)
  • Reap What You Sew, Directed by Tyler Adams (Malawi)- AWARD WINNER!
  • Kalangala Dreams, Directed by Daniel Hedström, Apollonia Meleouni, Sofie Andersson and Astrid Andersson Ahlbom (Sweden/Uganda)
  • Operation International, Directed by Jeff Colhoun (Ivory Coast)
  • Let the Blonde Sing, Directed by Rachel Knoll (Alaska/Minnesota)


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